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Although this is a page generally for Amateur Radio Ops in Arizona, it’s certainly open to all hams; this IS an International hobby after all. I hope you find something you can use to enhance your fun and knowledge.

IRLP: Node 3444 is open on 446.500 simplex and all hams are welcome to use it.  It’s on a 17′ UHF/VHF Diamond vertical so it has some serious gain, but it’s just on my roof.  Enjoy!

DMR: I’m active on DMR and monitor Usery repeater TG 310409 often as well as Tehachipi on TG 31062

CCD Antennas!  For many years I built the CCD Antenna design dipole antennas.  291 of them are in the air and everyone seems to like them.  I’m using them.  But alas, I got tired of making them just about the time it was harder to get the wire.  So, no new ones are available.  Read about them here.

CW!  It’s not required to get a license anymore and I don’t mind.  BUT…what I do find sad are the numbers of hams who will never discover the pure joy of operating CW.  It’s a little hard to learn, but everything worth learning had its difficulties.  I’ve been an avid CW operator for all of my time as a ham.  And in those years I’ve taught a lot of people and I put down in writing what I’ve learned.  But, I’ll admit that I probably wouldn’t have learned the code if I hadn’t had to to become a ham.  I’m sure glad I had to learn it.  So, if you are interested in learning a golden mode, click here for No Code to Know Code!

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