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photo by Linda Kelley

Welcome to the tamed wilderness that is Bonita Creek at the base of the Mogollon rim in Arizona.

Linda and I have a home there that we share with good friends and others who share my love of photography.  It’s certainly a great place to unwind, relax, and only look forward to the next cool breeze.

Some of you may have noticed our lot is less…bushy?  Almost two dozen trips to the brush pit with almost all of the manzanita and a lot of the scrub oak from our lot took a month or so.  But, we love the space as much as the safer feeling if a fire rolled through.  If you have a lot in the forest consider your responsibility to your own home and others and clear your lot to make it safe.

Our home has metal blinds and a fire extinguisher in EVERY room.  We are on our own in the country…either be prepared to put out your own fire or watch your home burn to the ground.

Here is a camera image that is updated every 15 minutes during the day.

Bonita Creek

Bonita Creek weather

…(history and detail click here!)

Chandler weather (the “Valley”)



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  1. Bonita is close to our cabin in Diamond Point. Your info is our connection to the the area’s weather. Thanks

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